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Here’s the deal: I publish a free men’s nudist mag. It’s filled with real nudists (not the models I put on Tumblr), and includes great places to visit, interviews with naked guys, photo galleries, and ways to reach all of these guys. I’d love for you to subscribe to GoNaked Magazine at:
Once you sign up, you’ll get info how to download the mag for free from, or you can donate a buck and get a simple, 1-click download solution. Not bad for 150+ pages, huh? You can also visit us at
I must post 5 things about me… HERE I GO
  • I taught myself Bass, Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, and Ukulele
  • I teach them as well
  • I want to be an English  for high school
  • Horror movies are my favorite (even though I’m afraid to watch them)
  • I’m 5’9 but my license says 5’11

I’m a used, friendless looser who only wants someone that’ll put as much as I do into a relationship. this is my last emotional post I hope, but damn… No one comes around anymore unless if they want something from me


Do you ever just feel like all the angels are really just teenage girls bc i do


"Apparently if you eat healthier you become happier"

Bro I’m sure that’s legitimate advice buuuut

McDonalds fries make me happier than anything else okay